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Jun 2, 2022

What to Expect in Tampa: Hits! The Musical Audition Tour Kickoff

The Hits! The Musical audition tour is about to begin! We’re thrilled to welcome our Tampa Bay auditioners to the very first stop on our audition tour. Here’s an overview of what to expect at a casting call for the Hits! The Musical tour.

Our Tampa audition stop will be a Featured Singer Audition. Visit our website, www.thehitstour.com, for details on the location and for audition times by age group. Come prepared with a 45-second excerpt of a song of your choice, to be sung a cappella. If you wish, you may also bring an instrument to play with your song. Our Hits! The Musical audition staff will be on site to guide you through the audition process. The first part of the audition is our Round One singing audition. A staff member will provide you with an audition number, then separate auditioners into groups and direct you to your Group Leader, who will remain with you throughout Round One. Your Group Leader will bring your group into the audition room, where you will meet our distinguished judges! One by one, each member in your group will come forward, perform their 45-second piece, and return to their seat. Once everyone has auditioned, you will remain in the audition room while the judges discuss who will move on to Round Two.

The judges will read the Round One results to your group immediately following the audition. If you are not selected for Round Two, your audition will be over for the day. However, you are more than welcome to audition at another location! Multiple auditions may increase your chances of selection for the show from our talented pool of performers, so you can always try again!

If you are selected to move on, congratulations! You will return at noon for Round Two, which will include two 90-second a cappella performances. One will be an excerpt from a song of your choice; the other will be from a potential song from our show. In addition, we will teach you a short dance routine to assess your dancing skills. If you wish to further showcase your abilities, you may perform a 60-second freestyle dance routine to any of the songs provided. The following link will take you to the list of potential songs to choose from for both the singing and dance auditions: https://thehitstour.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Second-Round-Instructions.pdf.

Once Round Two is complete, we recommend you go home and get some well-deserved rest. The next step will be the final round in Tampa on August 9-11, 2022. If you are selected for the final round in Tampa, we will contact you on or before July 25th, 2022. We will only contact those selected for the final round. We appreciate your patience throughout the process as we will try to notify individuals before that date.

We can’t wait to see our Tampa auditioners on Saturday, June 4th! One of you just may be the next American superstar! As always, you may email us with any questions at info@thehitstour.com. See you soon!

— Hits! The Musical Team

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